Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lifetime Problems

Lifetime Problems was a hardcore band we did during Summer '09 when all of us lived in Daly City (except Dehrek -- RWC!). We only played five shows, recorded a practice tape, and then did this recording at Bart's before Beth and Beau moved to So Cal. This was originally meant to be a released as a 7" but it never happened (go figure!). Tony only made a few tapes to give to homies. There were probably less than 20 made. Shouts out to Beth, Kyle and D Rock!

1. Stay Broke
2. Old Friends
3. Lost
4. No Respect
5. Drop Dead
6. Pressures
7. Working
8. Waiting



JZ said...

thanks for putting all these records up, it's appreciated

OVENS said...


jackson said...

link is down!

Anonymous said...

man, I wish there was more than 3 minutes worth of music from this band so so bad..any similar projects happening at the moment or ever?

Anonymous said...

^ yea, our newer hardcore band CAGED ANIMAL is similar but better i think. 7" dropping soon!