Friday, July 22, 2011

Ovens - Beau Goes To The Hospital CD

This is the first real OVENS recording, released by Riisk Records in 2005. The tracks were recorded in 2003 (before Andrew was in the band). Everyone in the band hates this album (lol). We still have copies of this, so anyone who needs one should get in touch. Shout out to Rory Smith who wrote every song and did all the vocals on this album.

1. Hypocrites
2. Puke In The Sink
3. They Did Us A Favor
4. Ballad Of Sam Bruno
5. Sleep All Day
6. Mooch
7. Dead As Fuck
8. Tony Gets Wasted In Bruno
9. Actin' Dumb
10. Peels Go To Foster City



rory said...

Ha, ha, ha

DeadBrokeRek said...

this EP is god damn AMAZING! been hooked on this!

josh said...

how can i get a copy of this?

OVENS said...

aquarius records will have more copies soon!