Saturday, December 10, 2011

OVENS - S/T 7"

This 7" was released by Catholic Guilt Records in August, 2011. The tracks were recorded by Bart Thurber between 2009-2010 and mastered by Colin Marston in NYC. 300 copies were pressed on black vinyl. This record is now out of print.

1. Now It's Over
2. Leavin'
3. I'm A Mess
4. Ovens Theme Pt. 3
5. Old Friends
6. Let Down
7. Losin'
8. Millbrae Belongs To Me



kwamfit said...

dude thank you so much. ps - I'm listening to a rip of some crazy 90's metal band called Order of Deceit. I think you guys should put a google on it and see if you can find it, it's pretty rad.

blend77 said...

brilliant brilliant nuggets. want to buy this. too bad!! hope you guys keep kickin ass. Life Problems was tight too..