Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lifetime Problems

Lifetime Problems was a hardcore band we did during Summer '09 when all of us lived in Daly City (except Dehrek -- RWC!). We only played five shows, recorded a practice tape, and then did this recording at Bart's before Beth and Beau moved to So Cal. This was originally meant to be a released as a 7" but it never happened (go figure!). Tony only made a few tapes to give to homies. There were probably less than 20 made. Shouts out to Beth, Kyle and D Rock!

1. Stay Broke
2. Old Friends
3. Lost
4. No Respect
5. Drop Dead
6. Pressures
7. Working
8. Waiting


Friday, July 22, 2011

Tony Molina - Embarrassing Times

This is Tony's first "solo" thing. Self released cassette, limited to 50 copies. Came free with the first 50 mailorder OVENS - S/T CDs from Aquarius Records. The tracks were recorded in June, 2008. Beau played drums on track 3, 9 and 10. We'll probably make more copies of these at some point.

1. Song Of Praise Intro (Roy Wood)
2. Hangover Song
3. Devil Song (Telly Savalas)
4. Bullshit Riff
5. I'm Not Down
6. I Know I'm Wrong
7. Mighty Chuffed
8. Still Lazy
9. The Secret Of Life (Dead Milkmen)
10. Mid-Lyfe Crysis
11. Here We Go Again
12. She Divines Water (Camper Van Beethoven)


Ovens - Beau Goes To The Hospital CD

This is the first real OVENS recording, released by Riisk Records in 2005. The tracks were recorded in 2003 (before Andrew was in the band). Everyone in the band hates this album (lol). We still have copies of this, so anyone who needs one should get in touch. Shout out to Rory Smith who wrote every song and did all the vocals on this album.

1. Hypocrites
2. Puke In The Sink
3. They Did Us A Favor
4. Ballad Of Sam Bruno
5. Sleep All Day
6. Mooch
7. Dead As Fuck
8. Tony Gets Wasted In Bruno
9. Actin' Dumb
10. Peels Go To Foster City


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This CD was released by tUMULt in 2009. It contains most of our studio recordings from 2006-2008. 44 songs. Physical copies are still available through Aquarius Records.

1. Fired From The Vogue Pt. 1
2. Fired From The Vogue Pt. 2
3. Same Shit, Different Day
4. PCP Song
5. Everything's The Same
6. Bad Scene
7. Your Ego Will Grow
8. Glazed Concept
9. Movin' On
10. Alone
11. I Can't Hang
12. The Legend Of Chris Gardini's Mustache
13. Punch You In The Face
14. Lame Sesh
15. Castillejo Scene
16. Drunk Shit
17. Good Idea
18. Bad Day
19. Ovens Theme Pt. 1
20. Losin' Touch
21. Song For Friends
22. Headache
23. I'm A Creep
24. Long Walk Home
25. Ovens Theme Pt. 2
26. Lame Song #224
27. Sailin' Along
29. Running In Place
30. We Know We Suck
31. Don't See The Point
32. Down The Drain
33. Beau Goes To The Hospital
34. Braden's Bleeding Head
35. Misanthropist
36. Puke When I'm Sad
37. Wastin'
38. Waste Of Time
39. Cows
40. When I Fell Off The Roof
41. Nothin' More To Say
42. Look Inside My Brain
43. St. Chominski's Dance
44. Stuck


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We just approved the test pressings for a new 7", which is being released by our buddy Mike's CATHOLIC GUILT RECORDS. The 7" will have 8 songs recorded by Bart Thurber between 2009-2010. There will be 300 copies pressed on black. They should arrive very soon! Here are two songs from the 7":

ovens - now it's over by OVENS

ovens - let down by OVENS